Ghireshargh Producing Co.: This company is created by bitumen industry founders of Khorasan Province in 1991.This complex is producing all kinds of refinery bitumens taken from oil by having professional staffs and 5 modern product lines. We have the capacity of producing 5000tons per month. This company is releasing its products in packs and bulk conform to ASTM and National standard of Iran with commercial brand of Mamatin . We offer our productions in Iran’s mercantile exchange and outside of it.(for internal usage and export) We are Equipped to automatic line of filling barrels and semi-automatic line of coloring barrels and also we are making poly-bag filling line for variety of production and to satisfy our consumers.

centeral office & Factory address : No. 254. Between 30 and 28 , kolahdouz blv, Mashhad, Iran


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